They explain why they are supporting this new way of learning.

In associations of competitors such as ACES, best practices are not often shared. This is an old-fashioned concept, and collaboration and benchmarking should be necessary instruments in today’s management. SCIO Health is an excellent tool in making the future easier, which is why it has our support.

Dr. Lluís Monset i Castells

CEO, ACES (Associació Catalana d'Entitats de Salut)

“Actuar para Avanzarse” (“Take Action Now to Anticipate Future Needs”) is the motto of the + FUTUR Project by La Unió, which promotes the necessary transformations within organisations to improve people’s health and wellbeing. Our contribution to the system involves making knowledge-based decisions and sharing good practices with an open mind to the world. With this goal in mind, the + FUTUR web portal by La Unió has joined the SCIO Health platform, because together we can go further.

Roser Fernández

CEO, La Unió (Associació d'Entitats Sanitàries i Socials)

The agreement with Fundación SCIO is yet another step forward in the CEG’s commitment to improving society through companies and organisations by identifying and providing good management practices in the health sector and other areas. We plan to merge two good practice databases to make them more visual, to include results, and to be related to the values of excellence.

Ignacio Babé

General Secretary, CEG (Club Excelencia en Gestión)

All our support to an initiative that helps share knowledge in our sector and that does so by making healthcare practices of proven quality and efficiency visible. Sharing them is a need, and now a reality.

Pere Bonet

Chairman, CSMC (Clúster Salut Mental Catalunya)